Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?? How does BUILD 2012 sound?

Fantastic is my response. We never imagined that an idea on changing the way we interconnect, and the method with which we network, would gain such a strong footing in the community.
Our conference opened to a rowdier than usual Thursday night at the CFM Condo, where the first episode of “Planking” took place. This later came to be the tag line of the conference and later became the theme of one of the funniest videos made.

Videos…yes videos. We learned how to use the video camera by making a three minute video that each of the groups had been assigned to create. Since virtual technology is in our lives to stay it was important in the next evolution of this conference to tackle fears we all have when considering this medium. In the end, every one of the videos was different and each was very well crafted.

The 2011 conference had a resounding call for another year by all attendees at Saturday night’s dinner. Our wonderful sponsors for this event committed right there on the spot. Many new ones committed that evening as well. The entire room erupted in a standing ovation and cheers from all attendees.

Mitch Stanley, the President of Professional Remodelers Organization, was the first to pull me aside and state “we cannot let this event go for one year; it would create a vacuum in this community if we allowed that to happen...this is too good of an event”. Laura Donaca, President of Northwest Society of Interior Designers was pulled into an intense huddle, with Heather Stinson and me, where we quickly made the decision, pending board approval, to move forward with BUILD for 2012. Steve Frazier, our Cornerstone Sponsor, and I had a quick chat about whether he could commit for another year. YES, of course was his response. So off we ran to tell the group.

We look forward to seeing everyone back to BUILD next year and we encourage you to share with your colleagues and vendors, what we did and how the event worked for you. We cannot spread the message alone and it is too good an event not to bring in new people.

I look forward to 2012 with great enthusiasm.
See you at BUILD

Amy Bright (sT’ile) | 503.230.9380 | 503.730.8336
Tammy Allen  (CFM) 503.656.5277