General Membership Requirements

  1. To maintain active member status, all members must comply with dues payment requirements and adhere to the Code of Ethics.
  2. To maintain membership status, all members must attend at least six general meetings per fiscal year.  Functions include all General and Board Meetings, and special events.

  3. To maintain active membership status, all members must earn .5 continuing education credits (5 contact hours) per year:                             

    .3 (3 contact hours) of these credits must be officially designated CEU credits.  These CEU credits are registered.

    .2 (2 contact hours) are a combination of the following:
       NWSID promoted events excluding monthly general meetings
       Keynote presentations from trade shows such as KBIS, NEOCON, etc.
       NORDEX keynote speakers
       Third Thursday keynote speakers (Seattle Design Center) - does not include
       showroom presentations.

  4. In order to move from one membership category to the next higher category, the member must show that they have fulfilled the qualifications for the new category.  The member must petition the Vice President of Membership for this change in status, presenting proof that the new requirements have been met.  This applies to all but sustaining Members and PRAs.  These two categories do not move into a new category description.